Welcome to my Dragonrealms Necromancer guild page. I started this back in 2005 when there were only rumors about the upcoming guild and tried to fill in the gaps for training a commoner to become a necromancer as best I could. I left DR in 2006 and returned in 2010 when I saw the guild was finally open. It had been released in December 2009.

This page is currently a mix of that old information and new info as I get around to updating and figuring out the guild.

February 2006 - Added two new books and info on Penelope to the history section (thanks to Mahwell for submitting them) and added more information about Alamgir who's roaming the lands again these days.
October 2005 - Added more tips and more general info submitted by Itaro.
September 2005 - Added more to history section and start tips section.
August 2005 - Started adding some small things to the history section.  


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